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Website development is all about creating a unified site with integrated marketing and communication strategy. Building in brand communications and integrating SEO and e-commerce systems that promote maximum online visibility and user-friendliness, respectively. East Sussex Web Design have the expertise to ensure that customers get the best online experience possible in combining functionality with visual content and design that communicates professionalism and integrity. From experience we know that a high quality, user-friendly website can promote 'click-throughs' and in-bound traffic, both increasing the opportunity for sales and encouraging repeat custom.

East Sussex Web Design have the design and development expertise to communicate your company’s unique selling points and combine brand communications with SEO to enable your business to stand out from the online crowd.

Functionality is our watchword and a number one priority for e-commerce; and therefore we design sites that are simple, easy to use and above all, easy for you to maintain. Our Net Products take the complexity out of data management and make it easy for you to analyse and manage things like inquiries, bookings, sales and stock control. We provide content management systems with simple page languages such as ASP and PHP, which allows you to take control of you website with confidence.

We have web development expertise in the following areas:


  • Content management systems
  • Sales and booking systems
  • Reservation systems for hotels and museums
  • Internal emailing
  • Intranet and Extranet development
  • Briefing software
  • Monitoring software for health and safety checks
  • Recruitment

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