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East Sussex Web Design has developed a number of unique booking systems by working closely with clients from the hospitality industry. Our modular system, for example, was created when we were asked by a bespoke holiday cottage company to create a system for customers to check for vacancies and make reservations without having to contact the property owners directly. We believe that there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” booking system and look at the design and development as a collaborative process, which incorporates evolving client needs and changing markets.

Hotel, Guest House & Bed and Breakfast Online Booking System

East Sussex Web Design’s online booking and reservation systems have been designed with hospitality and catering industries in mind but are extremely adaptable and can be modified to suit clients’ requirements. We produce a system for checking room availability and placing reservations, which is linked to a complex back-office database that allows for records to be stored and searched for ease of administration or sent to fax machines and printers to produce physical records. Our clients find our booking and back-office systems not only easy to manage but also a great time saver. More importantly, in a fast paced and competitive marketplace it is important to minimise the gap between a customer checking for availability and confirmation of booking. An vacancy inquiry is not sufficient to ensure a customer won’t go elsewhere. From a potential customer’s point of view, the old saying rings true – a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush! That’s why it is important to use a system that checks availability and then immediately follows up results with a reservation page, allowing customers to book and input payment details – to go from inquiry to confirmation in a matter of minutes. 

The main benefits of the online booking system are:


  • Simple customer operation
  • Simple staff maintenance
  • Simple integration into existing systems
  • Reliability
  • Developed from the ground up, the core system now offers:
  • Requirement analysis
  • Availability information
  • Alternative offer selection
  • Booking fulfillment
  • Up-sell capability
  • Subscription opportunity
  • Booking confirmation
  • Payment processing
  • Advanced notification
  • Report generation

All accessible through a simple-to-use maintenance interface
The core online booking system is then given a customer interface to suit the application being delivered:


  • Hotel booking
  • Restaurant booking
  • Event booking
  • Seat booking
  • Exhibitor booking
  • Delegate booking

We provide full hosting and maintenance of your online booking system, which is simple to use, manage and embed into your website.
Our booking system is used by the Bridport Arms Hotel – – to enable customer reservation and payment for rooms, meals and assorted extra services. We have also designed sites for a number of Surrey hotels with online booking facilities, including,,, and

If you are interested in discussing online booking systems for your business, please contact us on 01273 900 119


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